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Second Grade Classroom: Janie Hachen

Second Grade Classroom: Janie Hachen

I'm so excited to be introducing my internet friend, Janie Hachen. She is an enthusiastic participant in The Deskless Tribe and I'm so excited that she is our first (of many) classroom tours! 

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Janie Hachen I teach 2nd grade in Andover KS. USD385 @Hachen2nd I have been teaching 17 years. 

Tell us a little about your journey to flexible seating. What inspired you? 

I was tired of desks and the kids were spreading out on the floor to work in teams any how. Desks were becoming simply caves where things were stuffed never to see again. I met @mrs_chapman3 at edcampICT this summer, researched flexible seating and the idea of Starbucks my room. @TopDogTeaching was a great example. I wanted my students to be empowered and this was another way to bring choice into the classroom.

Any roadblocks or things you had to overcome?

I had to change the way I had always done things. I was nervous about how to organize it and I had to spend some money on seating options.

What are your students' favorite spots?

They love the scoop rockers and the stability balls. They also like the circle chairs.


What are the benefits to flexible seating that you have seen so far?

They are more focused and they love being in control of where they sit. They have not started any fights about where to sit. They are so gracious with each other!! It is amazing!! They are so excited!! I love it! My kids loved the seating passports and they are really thinking about what they like best.

Where do your students keep their "stuff?"

Students keep stuff in plastic boxes that fit in a cubby. It travels with them when needed.

Help us troubleshoot. Any helpful tips or things you do to to get your students used to flexible seating?

In the morning I have them start at a home base table area. The table areas are numbered. The home base has a team of 4. When we do a Kagan structure or team activity they know who is in their team. They are at home base for just a little bit, then we go to morning meeting on the floor. I pick a home base team each day to choose seating first. This has worked great. I will change up teams throughout the year.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and amazing classroom pictures, Janie! You inspire us to rethink our classroom spaces. 

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