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Welcome to The Deskless Tribe!

We are a group of educators, instructional coaches, support staff, and administrators passionate about creating learning spaces that are student-directed and student-centered. We want to capture the stories of educators who dare to disrupt education and rethink their classrooms. We want YOU to be part of this tribe. Whether you have a classroom or support students and teachers in any capacity,  we want you to join this tribe of passionate, innovative educators.


Many educators are ditching their desks in favor of tables, or more collaborative options that allow students to recognize their unique learning styles. While our name is “The Deskless Tribe”, we love hearing about student-centered spaces, regardless of if you have desks or not. We realize that every learning space, district, and campus is different, and we want to support each other with however much you embrace the “deskless” part of our name.


“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another…and connected to an idea.” ((Seth Godin)) He says that a group needs a shared interest and a way to communicate in order to become a tribe.

Shared interest…flexible learning spaces for learners.

Way to communicate…you’ve found it! We want YOU to join the tribe. 

As innovative and risk-taking teachers, our greatest resources are each other. It’s about coming together and creating change that we believe in. It’s realizing that a group of connected, passionate people can change the way education works for our learners. Creating flexible leaning spaces usually isn’t a “top down” initiative, beginning with our administrators. Instead, it is a movement that begins with our teachers. We hope that this tribe can provide some resources and encourage you in your efforts to show how incredible this movement can be for students.

The Deskless Tribe aims at showcasing the things YOU are great at - creating collaborative, innovative, 21st century learning spaces for students. We plan to feature classes weekly, along with answering some of the tough questions that go along with these unique spaces. We will chat with administrators who have teachers ditching their desks, and will provide resources to help start the conversation with the people at your school. 

If you are interested in being featured on our site, please email desklesstribe@gmail.com with your name, school district, school, grade level and a few photos of your classroom. We will be in touch with additional information about how you can be involved.